Friday, 20 June 2014

Metasequoia 4.2.2 User Interface Customisation

By default Metasequoia 4 ships with four predefined edit modes.
  • Beginner
  • Modeling (String)
  • Modeling (Icon)
  • Mapping
The edit mode setting determines which items appear in the command panel.

A “Customize” option has been added to the Edit Mode dropdown menu in Metasequoia 4.2.2.

Customize option added to Edit Mode menu

I haven’t studied how to customise the edit mode but the Metasequoia blog [link] gives a tip how to have the UV and Map commands appear in the Command Panel with all the other commands as in previous versions of Metasequoia.

Click “Customize” and click New.

Give your custom edit mode a title and click “OK”.

I chose the title “Metasequoia 3”.

Give youe edit mode a title

Now just save your edit mode by clicking “Save” and close the “Customize edit mode” dialog.

Save the edit mode

Select the edit mode you created to see the result.

UV and Map commands in Command Panel

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