Monday, 16 February 2015

Metasequoia 4 Plugins – part 6

I installed the latest Metasequoia (version 4.4.0) using the default path and it was installed in Program Files.

I changed the paths in the Project Property Pages for Debugging>Command and Build Events>Post-Build Event>Command Line accordingly.

The Post-Build Event>Command Line I used to copy the DLL to the Plugins folder now failed because of User Account Control (UAC) which requires administrator rights to copy to folders in Program Files.

I now use the following Command Line which uses Windows PowerShell to open another Windows PowerShell console with administrator rights and copy the DLL to the Plugins folder.

powershell.exe "Start-Process  powershell.exe  -verb runAs -windowstyle Hidden –ArgumentList 'cp $(TargetPath) ''$(ProgramFiles)\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\Station'''"

There are two single quotes surrounding $(ProgramFiles)\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\Station because of the space in “Program Files”.

UPDATE: May2015

I discovered I don't need administrator rights because in Windows 8.1 you should copy the plugins to the corresponding plugin type folders located at  "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\".

Create the folders if they do not exist first.

Monday, 9 February 2015

Building WadExplorer in Delphi XE7 Starter

WadExplorer is a program written by IceBerg to investigate Tomb Raider Level Editor (TRLE) *.wad files.

Delphi XE7 Starter [link] is the latest low cost version of Delphi for hobbyists and beginners.

If purchasing Delphi Starter Edition be sure to purchase the Upgrade edition which is the cheapest.

You are eligible for the Upgrade version if you have any other IDE installed.

If you don’t have an IDE installed don’t worry the Delphi installer doesn’t check but if you want to be safe just download and install a free IDE like CodeBlocks or ZinjaI or Lazarus or Visual Studio Community Edition.

You could use the 30 day trial version of Delphi XE7 to build WadExplorer instead.

[UPDATE 26May2017: Delphi Starter is now free, see [link].]

Since WadExplorer was written in Delphi 7 it will probably need some changes to compile in Delphi XE7 so use Delphi 7 if you have it.