Monday, 23 March 2015

Classic style theme for Metasequoia 4

A Japanese user has uploaded themes for Metasequoia 4 that recreate the style of Metasequoia 3 (top image) and the Japanese paint program SAI Paint (bottom image).

Classic Theme
SAI Paint Theme

Links and screenshot obtained from Metasequoia BBS post [5447].

Thursday, 5 March 2015

Building TRueView in Visual Studio 2013

TRueView is a level viewer for Tomb Raider level files, *.PHD (TR1), *.TR2 (TR2/TR3) and *.TR4 (TR4).


It was written by Dr Yuri Zhivago and the C source code was released in 2000.

The program and its source code can be downloaded from, .

Download TRueView

To execute the program you either drag and drop a Tomb Raider level file onto TRueView.exe in windows explorer or run the program from a command prompt with a level file name or full path as an argument.

Drag and drop level onto TRueView

Run TrueView with level as commandline argument

See the readme included with the download for further instructions.