Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Animating with Mikoto – part 1

Mikoto is an abandoned Japanese program for animating models created in Metasequoia, a Japanese 3D modelling program.

Metasequoia files have the extension .mqo.

Some other programs that can be used for animating *.mqo models are:

For a translated version of this and other plugins and also some tips, go to the Sword of Moonlight forum.

I don’t have a registered version of Metasequoia so cannot use Keynote.

  • ToyStudio which is a Japanese animating program.
The program looks good but I cannot find a translated version to use.

So that leaves Mikoto.

I obtained an English translation of Mikoto from this thread but the hyperlink is now dead so you can download the translated version here, MIKOTO_EN.rar.

UPDATE:  The models from the thread at sai.detstwo.com can be downloaded from these links.

The Japanese version can be downloaded here.

A French translation can be found in this forum [link].

In this series of articles I will explain how I created the following animation.




  1. do you happen to have that dummy from that thread?

    1. I have it somewhere on an old PC.

      I will search for it and upload it when I find it.

    2. Links to download TheMaker's VIRTUAL_DUMMY and VIRTUAL_HANDS models for Mikoto have been added to this post.