Wednesday, 9 March 2016

Metasequoia Script for Reference

RedRogueXIII has some Metasequoia Scripts on GitHub that can be studied to see how to create dialogs for your Metasequoia scripts.

The script didn't work for me because for some reason the target object was not being set. I had to hardcode the target object. Since I had only one object in the target list I had to make sure I clicked on it for it to be set.

The script moves the selected vertices in a source object to the surface of the target object if a ray from the vertices in the chosen direction intersects a face of the target object.

The faces in the target object must be all triangles.

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  1. Thanks for the mention! The shrinkwrap script is still a work in progress, but it works with triangles and quads now, N-gons sort of / but not really. Most accurate results are still on a frozen and triangulated mesh. If you want to try the updated version it requires the updated collision and utility scripts as well.

    If you have any other suggestions/ critique for improving it, I'd love to hear that as well.

    Thanks for your site, it was a big help on learning Metasequoia development from it!