Monday, 7 March 2016

WIP: Mikoto animation to TRLE animation

Version: 1.0
Status: Released


In my series of posts about animating with Mikoto I created the following animation from a .bvh file.

I was finally able to convert a Mikoto Motion file (*.mkm) to Wadmerger Animation Editor’s *.trw format.

Animation Editor

The key steps were:
  • to convert each quaternion in the .mkm so they were relative to an initial pose as discussed previously. [link]
  • convert the quaternion to Euler angles in YXZ order (rotating axes)
  • Negate the X and Y angles
  • convert the angles to range 0 to 1024
  • order the bones to match the mesh order of the TRLE model 
ZIP containing the dance animations in TRW format at this link.

And the program:

You must create a motion for the default pose in Mikoto.
The initial pose must be the first keyframe in that motion.

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