Sunday, 20 April 2014

Writing a StrPix-like program with Lazarus – 1

StrPix is a program used in the TRLE (Tomb Raider Level Editor) community.

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The program is used to import models into a TRLE *.wad file and to also texture and add other attributes to the models like shine and collision.

 A *.wad file stores the geometry, texture and animation data for the objects in a TRLE game.

StrPix was written in the Delphi language by TurboPascal.

TurboPascal released the source code but since the latest Delphi IDE (integrated development environment) is expensive and any cheap older versions or free versions are difficult to buy or find, it is probably necessary to write a new program from scratch to add new features or fix bugs or update it for new operating systems.

Lazarus is a free, open source IDE for the FreePascal language and FreePascal is based on Delphi.

Lazarus can open and convert simple Delphi projects to its own format but I have been unable to successfully convert any of the TRLE Delphi programs by TurboPascal (StrPix) or IceBerg (WadExplorer) or RaiderCroft (PixStr).

No matter, we can still copy most of the code.

This series of posts will hopefully also show how simple it is to start programming with Lazarus and serve as a Lazarus tutorial for beginners.


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