Friday, 25 April 2014

Create or edit tut1.raw with GIMP

The file tut1.raw and other *.raw files that have the same name as the wad files contain the sky texture for a level.

Like uklogo.raw which contains the game’s logo, these can be created or edited in GIMP.

Editing uklogo.raw is discussed in another post so I will only discuss the settings that need to change for the raw sky images.

In GIMP go to File>Open and navigate to the raw sky image.

Before clicking the Open button in the Open File dialog, expand the Select File Type dropdown and select Raw image data.

Do not mistakenly select raw image which is for raw images from digital cameras.

Selecting the Raw Image Data file type is the important step required to have the dialog display where you set the properties of the image.


In the Load Image from Raw Data dialog modify the following settings.

Under Image set Width and Height to 256.
If Image Type is not RGB then change it to RGB.

Make sure Palette File is (None) and click Open.


The image is opened in GIMP for modifying.


See the uklogo post for how to save.

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