Sunday, 23 March 2014

TRLE File Formats: *.wad

Program: TRLE standard wad file used by WadMerger, EditWad, StrPix, TRWad Reorganizer
Description: Contains object geometry, texture and skeletal animation data
Document version: n/a

IceBerg’s documentation is the best.

Download from the archive of his site

Click on Tools, then Programmer’s corner.
Download by clicking on the white dot.

While there, also download his WadExplorer program which displays all the *.wad information.

IceBerg's website screenshot


  1. Awesome ! I was looking for this forever. Do you know the new stuffs in v130 WADs ? I can't find anything... :(

    1. The only difference is that the version number is 130 and not 129.

      Other than that there may be sound IDs in some of the animations in v130 wads that are above number 369.