Wednesday, 12 March 2014

TRLE File Formats: *.swd

Program: n/a TRLE wad file
Description: Contains sprite images
Document version 0.2

Field Type Comment
Wad Version uint32 =129
Number of Sprites uint32
Sprite0 x pos uint8
Sprite0 y pos uint8
Sprite0 tile number uint16
Sprite0 unknown1 uint8 always 0?
Sprite0 width-1 uint8
Sprite0 unknown2 uint8 always 0?
Sprite0 height-1 uint8
Sprite0 unknown3 uint32 always 0?
Sprite0 unknown4 uint32 always 0?
... continue thru all sprites
SpriteK x pos uint8
SpriteK y pos uint8
SpriteK tile number uint16
SpriteK unknown1 uint8 always 0?
SpriteK width-1 uint8
SpriteK unknown2 uint8 always 0?
SpriteK height-1 uint8
SpriteK unknown3 uint32 always 0?
SpriteK unknown4 uint32 always 0?
Size of pixel data uint32 size in bytes
Pixel data array of uint8 bgr ttb
Number of Objects uint32
Object0 ID uint32 460-sky_graphics, 463-default graphics
Object0 sprite count sint16 negative
Object0 first sprite uint16
... continue thru all objects
ObjectK ID uint32 460-sky_graphics, 463-default graphics
ObjectK sprite count sint16 negative
 ObjectK first sprite uint16


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