Friday, 26 May 2017


Version: 0.71
Status: Released

An attempt to replicate aktrekker’s TR2PRJ program for the TRLE community.

I noticed aktrekker’s program gets some of the geometry incorrect, especially some split sectors and some sectors beneath horizontal doors.

Unlike aktrekker’s program I only extract geometry so rooms will have to be manually reconnected, retextured, and triggers, objects and lights added.

aktrekker’s program seems to convert black in the textures to magenta instead of alpha to magenta so I fixed this too.

Source and release at GitHub. [link]

If building from source you need to download the Vampyre Imaging Library. The latest released version does not compile under Delphi XE7 so get the version from Mercurial repository. [link]

Since I don’t know how aktrekker extracted textures and created doors I may in future add ability to import TR2PRJ’s prj file and inject this data into the prj I create.

  • Open .TR4 file
  • Click Save As to save .prj and .tga file

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