Wednesday, 5 April 2017

WIP: WadViewer

Version: 0.4
Status: Released

WadViewer is TRViewer adapted to open/save .wad files.

It was created for the purpose of importing .3ds files directly into a .wad file so a lot of the TRViewer functionality has been disabled since it is incompatible with .wad files.

WadViewer.exe must be copied into an existing TRViewer folder to work.

WARNING: Use only on a copy of your .wad or have a backup of your .wad. The program has not been tested much.

WADViewer readme Nov 2016

IMPORTANT: Copy Wadviewer.exe to existing TRViewer folder.

Version 0.40
Models now textured.
Renabled export of static mesh to 3DS.

Version 0.35
Fixed automatic calculation of bounding box when 3DS animation imported.
Refined Recalc Bounding Box to only use a Lara Skin mesh if a mesh is a dummy.
Fixed sometimes disappearing model when translating 3D view.
Animation no longer stops when the 3D view is double clicked to centre model.
No longer prevented from adding/modifying Play sound animcommands. Since no soundmap loaded WADViewer was not allowing PlaySound animcommands to be added or modified.
Added warning message when importing 3DS animation where some meshes do not have a key for every keyframe because importing these animations will result in incorrect animation.

Version 0.3
Bounding box calculation is incorrect for imported 3DS animations if other than "No animation" pose is stored in 3DS file.
To workaround this I added "Recalc Bounding Box" to menu when a moveable is clicked with right mouse button.
The bounding box for current animation will be recalculated. Results for Lara's weapons moveables will not be perfect since Lara's skin meshes are used and not the weapon meshes.

Version 0.2
Manual camera checked by default.
Object toolbox shown by default.
Animations list now just numbers.

Version 0.1
WADViewer is TRViewer modified to load and save TRLE .wad files so 3DS animations can be imported/exported directly from a .wad file.
Most of TRViewer's functionality has been disabled.
WARNING: Use only on a copy of your .wad or have a backup of your .wad. The program has not been tested much.
IMPORTANT: Only changes to animations will be saved.
IMPORTANT: In the display the models are not textured. Converting texinfos from .wad format to .tr4 format is complicated. I will try to do it another day.
IMPORTANT: Since .trmvb import/export has been disabled you must checkmark "Show real meshes instead of dummy meshes" to export the Lara object meshes to 3DS. This is set by default.
IMPORTANT: WADViewer (and TRViewer) DOES calculate the animation's bounding box on 3DS import. Checkmark "Show bounding box" to see it.

Good luck.

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