Monday, 16 February 2015

Metasequoia 4 Plugins – part 6

I installed the latest Metasequoia (version 4.4.0) using the default path and it was installed in Program Files.

I changed the paths in the Project Property Pages for Debugging>Command and Build Events>Post-Build Event>Command Line accordingly.

The Post-Build Event>Command Line I used to copy the DLL to the Plugins folder now failed because of User Account Control (UAC) which requires administrator rights to copy to folders in Program Files.

I now use the following Command Line which uses Windows PowerShell to open another Windows PowerShell console with administrator rights and copy the DLL to the Plugins folder.

powershell.exe "Start-Process  powershell.exe  -verb runAs -windowstyle Hidden –ArgumentList 'cp $(TargetPath) ''$(ProgramFiles)\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\Station'''"

There are two single quotes surrounding $(ProgramFiles)\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\Station because of the space in “Program Files”.

UPDATE: May2015

I discovered I don't need administrator rights because in Windows 8.1 you should copy the plugins to the corresponding plugin type folders located at  "C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\tetraface\Metasequoia4\Plugins\".

Create the folders if they do not exist first.

The Indexer plugin included in the SDK displays the indices for every vertex and face in an object.


I modified the code to display the indices for only the selected vertices and faces.

If you view the code at GitHub and click Revisions you can see which lines I added to the original code.


I found some Metasequoia plugins at this site [link] which include source code that can be used for learning.


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